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i am so utterly tired of the part of my lifeĀ  that tells me to “hurry up and become a brand”, meaning “hurry up and package, polish, and make yourself presentable so that the person that comes strolling by can’t help but stop and take interest.” i want to scream, “NOOOO. maybe they shouldn’t stop. maybe they aren’t the ones that need to connect to my story. maybe i will expend too much energy in that less than authentic connection that i could have spent going deeper within. maybe my story isn’t finished yet or maybe i haven’t honed my craft enough yet or…”

don’t get me wrong. i truly get the importance of putting yourself out there as an artist, and even in doing some things that don’t feel completely true to you. if it were not for my social media presence, my networking efforts, etc. i would not have had half of the opportunities i’ve had this year. but there is something that doesn’t sit well with me when some of the leading “influencers” of my day and age instill this fear in youth/creatives/hustlers that we ought to “brand” ourselves in order to make something of ourselves.

i think that following this advice without understanding that meaning/message/self-actualization should be the core of the journey/the art is what leaves us feeling hollow. more importantly, it leaves us without GOOD ART!! it is what leaves us chasing instagram likes and followers. and like nothing is ever enough. and that there has to be a transactional element to what one produces for it to be integrous. more important than urging people to put nice ribbons and fonts and catch phrases on themselves is to urge people to find their inner truth, inner compass, and use that to steer them into the right spaces, places, aesthetics, etc. because the world ends up packaging itself around conviction, truth and true beauty pretty organically…


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